Katharina Jung is a photographer from Trier, Germany, who works under the pseudonym INDPNDT (Independent Photoart). In her photographs Katharina portrays the mystery in people and shows nature in its full gloom. I love the bleak mood these images breathe, the integration of people in natural environments is perfect. Enjoy!

Katharina Jung website

Martina Dankova, also known under pseudonym Tia Danko, is a photographer from Slovakia. Inspired by her dreams, feelings and senses Martina creates haunting, bleak black and white portraits that breathe a sense of mystery. Someone once told Martina to use photography if she wanted to tell something that she couldn’t do verbally, and this advice reflects in her work. Personal, intimate and often with a mystic touch Martina’s photos are a feast for the eyes.

You can find more of Martina’s work on her website or DeviantArt. Enjoy!

Through the years my love for true, honest art has grown and grown. I love it when artists dare to share their deepest secrets and show their darkest emotions. Dana Borbely, a photographer from Oshawa, Canada, is one of those artists. Her work is raw, pure and incredibly dark: showing portraits ranging from melancholic, dreamy states to tough moments of self-harm. Dana’s work has a deep connection with nature, sharing the bonds we as humans tend to forget in this age of technology. There’s a lot of vulnerability in these pieces, yet being able to open your heart to art like this is a step that takes a lot of guts.

You can find more of Dana’s work on Flickr. Enjoy!

Deborah Sheedy is an artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Deborah is a film student, a fact that shows in her atmospheric, black and white photography. Deborah’s photos have a cinematographic touch, from the beautiful composition to the movement she knows to capture. The movement blurs out parts of the photo, leaving it up to the viewer to fill in the story – something many arthouse films succeed in as well. The monochrome color palette and gritty edge fit the aesthetics of these images perfectly, transforming them from photos into film-stills, making them part of a bigger story.

You can find more of Deborah’s work on her Flickr, Facebook page and Instagram. Enjoy!

Nádia Maria is a photographer living and working in São Paulo, Brazil. Nádia started taking pictures when she was still a child, arranging her dolls and letting them model for her. Over the years she explored the medium more and more, never being able to let it go. Photography is still an important outlet for her, making it possible to share her intimate feelings and the highs and lows in her life.

Nádia describes her work as her poetry, the photos as the poems. I find that metaphor quite striking: the ethereal, mystic vibe and room for interpretation often felt with poetry are things that also come to mind when looking at Nádia’s work.

You can find more of Nádia’s work on her website, Facebook page and Instagram. Enjoy!